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We LOVE puppies! There’s nothing like bringing home that warm cuddly bundle of love and oh, the sweet smell of puppy breath! But what do you do with Puppy when you’re at work? Our Puppy Care Program is specifically tailored to meets the needs of growing puppies.

The Puppy Care Program is designed for young dogs, 8 weeks to 12 months, who need a potty break and exercise more than once a day. Generally, most puppies can physically hold their bladder for as many hours as they are months old. So, a two month old puppy can “hold it” for two hours, a 4-month-old is good for 4 hours, etc. We’ll visit your puppy twice a day, once for 30 minutes and once for 15 minutes. This enables us to reinforce housebreaking and manners while burning off excess energy so you come home to a happy, playful puppy.

15 Minute Puppy Visit

Our specially trained Puppy Sitters will take Puppy out for a potty break, clean up any messes and reinforce housebreaking according to your routine. After a short play time, Puppy will be given a quick cuddle, fresh water and tucked in to nap.

30 Minute Puppy Visit

For puppies to grow into well adjusted, well behaved adult dogs, they must be exposed to the outside world and all of it’s sights, scents and sounds. Our Puppy Sitters will provide age appropriate, stimulating play to expose Puppy to new experiences in the safety of your home, while reinforcing his canine manners. Once Puppy has been fully vaccinated, short leash walks will be incorporated and will begin to gently teach positive leash manners.

$200 per week

NOTE:  For the health and safety of our clients, a negative fecal test must be provided for all puppies under 12 months of age.

Puppy and Family Package

To make the most of this impressionable time with Puppy, we recommend adding our Puppy and Family Package to complement our Puppy Care Package for your new pup.

The Puppy and Family Package is provided exclusively by Country Pup Pet Sitting owner, Tammy Torres Hennessy, who has 30 years experience in raising well socialized German Shepherd puppies. Tammy will assist your family in understanding your puppy and his needs while providing easy to follow steps to help you make the most of this impressionable time for your puppy.

This package is a series of four, 60 minute visits which take place once a week for four weeks at your home.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Your Puppy
  • Children and Puppies – Teaching Limits and Respect
  • Basic Manners

$240 per package, $200 if purchased with a Puppy Care Package

Contact us today to schedule your Puppy and Family Package and give your new puppy the best start possible!

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